Baby Showers & Mother Blessings

Baby shower and mother blessingInvite your close family and friends to share in henna and either watch or participate in applying a beautiful design for the belly of the mother-to-be. Henna is pregnancy and nursing friendly. I use only natural henna with no added chemicals.

A Mothers Blessing is an ancient Navajo ceremony to celebrate a woman’s transition into motherhood. I help to coordinate an evening of inspiration and pampering for the mother-to-be.

Each guest offers the hostess a bead and shares an inspirational story. The bead is then given to the hostess to create a necklace that she will take into the labour room to help her focus. It also gives her their collective strength.

Each guest makes a wrist band that stays on until the baby is born. They are also given a candle that they must light to add their energy to the delivery process.

While the guests are having a snack, I will be doing Henna on the belly of the Mother-to-be. If there is time, guests may get a design and join their friend in the joy of henna.

I charge by the hour and have a 2 hour minimum. Please contact me for rates.

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