Ankles & Feet

Please note: Pictures that look black have still got the henna paste on them. Henna is never black.

Pictures that have different colors are gilded or has colored sparkle on top of the henna paste. The gilding is just for fun, lasts only a couple of days and washes off with soap and water. The colored sparkle comes off when the paste is removed. Jewellery today, henna design tomorrow.Click on each of the images to open a larger image. Inspired by various artists from the Henna Page and the Henna Tribe.

Some of the photography on this page is by Sarah Davis, Infinite Expressions.

Ankles & Feet Ankles & Feet           dee1.jpg  apr01_081.jpgalex4.jpgaround-the-leg1.jpgdees-leg-from-debs.jpgcoco-beat-4.JPGcoco-bean3.JPGLeg peacockalex-leg-and-foot1.jpgsdc10058.JPGsdc10025.JPGalexs-leg.JPGpractise-henna-in-january-002-1.jpgpractise-henna-in-january-003.jpgsdc10208.JPGtampa2.JPGtampa111.JPGtonis-coy.jpgalex-holliday-henna1.JPG

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