Aftercare & Tips

Suggestions and tips for maintaining your design:

  1. Apply a mixture of  lemon/sugar,  with a q-tip or cotton ball to the design keeping it moist, be careful not to apply to much or the paste will run. Use 1/2 portion of lemon juice to 1/2 portion of sugar and mix well.  Makes a very sticky solution that helps the henna to stick to your skin, so that the pastes does not come off too quickly.  *Alternate with warm heat (ie: blow dryer, stove burner, or even a candle - be careful of course). I sprinkle a little spa rkley body powder over the wet paste to add some bling.
  2. Directions for Henna mix are provided by clicking here.
  3. If you are serious about wanting a dark long lasting design, keep the Henna on for at least 6 hours ..longer if you can. The longer the better.
  4. The above 2 suggestions may test your patience, but they are highly effective! After sufficient time, gently pick or scrape the the Henna off with the back of a butter knife or finger, DO NOT wash off unless you decide you want a lighter design or you left the paste on overnight.
  5. After you remove the Henna, you may gently (there’s that word again) rinse the area with warm water to remove the sticky glitter glue, apply oil if you have it.
  6. Try not to use soap on the area for at least a day, this allows the henna to completely absorb into the skin.
  7. Before you shower, do dishes, or have a bath apply a coating of chap stick or lip balm. Anything that has alot of wax. This forms a barrier between the water and soap and your henna design. It is the water that makes our skin expholiate and this causes our design to fade.Drum and henna

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